Melon Heads is a strain created by Lit Farms. It comes from crossing a Watermelon Lifesaver female with a Melonade male. Leaning slightly towards the Indica side, Melon Heads is a consistently potent strain, that tests over 20% THC on average.

Melon Heads' robust, popcorn-shaped nuggets are comprised of curly, forest-green leaves with dark, olive-green streaks. Clumps of dark orange pistils are scattered about, while a fuzzy coat of amber trichomes adds streaks of gold to brighten the green leaves.

The aroma of pine, zesty lemon, and sweet watermelon is refreshing. Combusting Melon Heads accents the sweet, yet sour, melon and lemon flavors, leaving a spicy-kush aftertaste.

Despite being slightly indica-dominant, Melon Heads reportedly yields a steady stream of energy, while easing pain and inflammation. For this reason, many users prefer to use this strain early to help with ease of movement. Some reviewers suggested that users with depression and anxiety, who are looking for strains to help these conditions, with minimal couch-lock, may find Melon Heads helpful. The smooth, cerebral euphoria does not reportedly trigger paranoia, with many users instead noting an enhanced ability to focus.

Melon Heads