Secret Cookies is an indica-dominant strain that brings OG and pine flavors to the forefront in Secret Mintz along with relaxing characteristics. Kush Mints brings the minty flavor with a balance of bliss and stimulation. These genetics are a match made in heaven.

Experience a blissful relaxation without the stress and worries of the world. Secret Mintz whisks you away to a distant and mellow land where anxiety is not allowed. Feel a sense of calm and joy permeate throughout your body. It’s not entirely couchlocking, so you can still go about your day or unwind at the end of work. It can also be appetite inducing, so it’s perfect for foodies.

A wave of gassy and minty freshness barrels through your nostrils like a pungent hurricane. Think jet fuel meets mint ice cream. Sweet and biting, the perfect combo. An earthy Kush undertone featuring notes of pine and wood provides complexity to this relaxing strain’s terpene profile. On the inhale and exhale, your tastebuds will instantly recognize its hashy and musky notes. 

Secret Mints